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Air conditioning is an essential part of modern life. So if you're having trouble with your system, call us so we can send out one of our professional technicians to do the job right. Our experts understand the importance of quality air conditioning services, and we pledge to offer reliable maintenance and repair work on every job.

Lakeland AC Install & AC Repair Company working on install of air conditioner

Airconditioning Installation can vary depending on many different factors, we will be happy to send our qualified installation team to ensure a top notch quality install.


Ductless Air Conditioning

A mini-split system combines the flexibility of room air conditioners with the whole house cooling of central systems. And at The Lakeland Air Conditioning Company, we’re pleased to offer ductless mini-split system installation to home and business owners across Mulberry and Lakeland, FL. If you’re in the market for a mini-split system, give us a call to discuss your cooling needs.


AC Repairs

Don't overheat, keep your cool and reach out to our team to learn more about the AC repair options we offer. We have highly trained technicians available to help from dawn till dusk!


AC Servicing

We provide a multitude of services depending on what your needs are. Call us today to get a qualified technician out to your home or business and start working on the services needed. 

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